Incomplete update: I’m doing ok — plus a photo!

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In the nearly three weeks since my last post (my visit to the wonderful Avol’s Books, during my work trip to Wisconsin for the MTKN and Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Meetings), I’ve had a couple of serious migraines, including one paired with a day-long stomach flu, and one linked with some bizarre changes in my left eye. I’m so tired of telling the story, I won’t tell it all here, again. I saw my eye doctor today (optometrist), and he’s referring me to an ophthalmologist, so I’ll have to tell it at least once more.

I’ll give a quick timeline, which some of my Facebook friends are familiar with. A week ago yesterday, I went to a clinic, and the physician assistant suggested I go to the ER to get a CT scan of my head, because my pupils were different sizes (among other things), and it could have been a sign of something serious. I had the CT, but the docs wanted to do an MRI and have a neurologist see me, so they admitted me. I waited from about 5pm Sunday for my MRI and MRA until after 8 pm Tuesday night. They did an MRA of my brain, plus MRI of brain, head, and neck. (If you’ve never had an MRI, be advised: THEY ARE VERY, UNPLEASANTLY LOUD.) They must have ruled out all the major issues, because they read the films STAT, and I found out within half an hour (yes, 940pm) that they wanted to discharge me. (!!)

So, I was sick a few days, and later I spent some days “off the grid” in the hospital when I didn’t feel nearly as sick as the week before, and my left eyelid is still droopy and my left pupil is still smaller (see photo, taken tonight). Except for some side effects from a new migraine-prevention med, including some sleepiness during the day, I’m actually feeling all right. My vision is fine and has been the whole time. Hopefully I’ll have more definite news pretty soon, as well as some book-related news and at least one review. I’m hoping to participate in the Read-a-thon this coming Saturday, and FINISH one of the several books I’ve got going now.

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    Whoa, that is crazy. Happened to me, like I mentioned but only for the duration of the migraine. Gosh Marie, you're a trooper. Sending healing thoughts and good vibes your way. Take good care of that wonderful brain of yours! –Maggie


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