Questions? Feedback? Misspellings?

If you have questions or comments, or just want to get in touch to chat about books or reading, writing, publishing, library-related stuff, depression, or anything else I’ve talked about on the site, you can email me at mbmanthe(at)cox(dot)net. I have to admit, though, if your message is time-sensitive, then Twitter is probably the quickest way to get in touch with me. My Twitter handle is @heathmocha.

I’ve often said that finding misspelled words is one of my few genuine talents. When I find them, whether it’s on a blog or website, in a book, or even in a job description, I usually wonder whether I should contact the author/publisher to let them know. (As for the job descriptions, yes, I have pointed out those misspellings to potential employers, sometimes during the interview. I can’t help myself!) If you have a similar trait, and you find a misspelling on this site, or in any of my books in future, please do not hesitate to email me and let me know, or if it’s in a blog post, you can just leave me a comment on the post if you prefer. Thank you!