Questions? Feedback? Misspellings?

If you have questions or comments, or just want to get in touch to chat about books or reading, writing, publishing, library-related stuff, depression, or anything else I’ve talked about on the site, you can email me at mbmanthebooks(at)gmail(dot)com. Another quick way to reach me is on Twitter, where my handle is @heathmocha. I go through phases with Twitter, but when I’m in that habit, I tend to spend much more time there than I should.

I’ve often said that finding misspelled words is one of my few genuine talents. When I find them, whether it’s on a blog or website, in a book, or even in a job description, I usually wonder whether I should contact the author/publisher to let them know. (As for the job descriptions, yes, I have pointed out those misspellings to potential employers, sometimes during the interview. I can’t help myself!) If you have a similar trait, and you find a misspelling on this site, or in any of my books in future, please do not hesitate to email me and let me know, or if it’s in a blog post, you can just leave me a comment on the post if you prefer. Thank you!