A few general goals for 2024

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As usual, I have been neglecting my site. I’m sorry for that. 2023 was a busy year, but I also procrastinated too much…and too often…yadda yadda yadda.

No serious details in this post, but I read or listened to 122 books in 2023, according to my LibraryThing Year in Review. I tried to crunch a few numbers, and the ballpark number of books I own that I read (even if I listened to the audio instead of reading the print copy from my shelf) was about 14, plus five more that I decided to give away after reading them (or reading enough of them to decide I wasn’t going to finish them). So, I read about 20-ish books I own that I hadn’t read before…out of 122. That’s kind of embarrassing.

My first general goal, then, is to read (or listen to) more of the books that I already own. Way way back around 2010-2013, I would sign up for two or three reading challenges each year, hosted by book bloggers I followed. There are still quite a few challenges hosted on blogs, as well as some run by Instagram or YouTube users (do they still call video book bloggers “BookTubers”???). There are also maybe a gazillion challenges on The StoryGraph, which I discovered and joined about a year ago. I like the idea of participating in a challenge to help me stay focused on reading more books from my shelves, but that would require me to decide on one of them. The jury is still out.

Related general goal: as I try to read more of the books I already own, I’ll either find some new favorites, or determine that I won’t want to read it again (if I finish it), and thus won’t need to keep them. It’s often hard for me to get rid of unread books (because what if they WOULD be new favorites?!?!?), so actually reading more of them is the best path to clearing some space on my shelves.

I’m not going to set any goals about losing weight. However, there are multiple TV series that I’m curious to check out, and watching good stuff makes walking on the treadmill a lot easier. After not getting on the treadmill for months, I’ve gotten on there a few times already this new year and watched a couple of new-to-me series. I plan to continue that.

What about writing??? If I can get out of my own way and write a few small things, that would be a fine start.

(Disclaimer: I was under the weather today and stayed home from work, and I’m looking forward to my next dose of acetaminophen. I hope this post mostly makes sense.)

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