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Read-a-thon: We’ll see how it goes

The day is finally here, Jeff and the boys are at basketball practice, but I didn’t make specific Read-a-thon plans or sign up early because I didn’t know if we’d have anything else going on.  But, we took yesterday off and did a day trip, so the rest of my weekend is pretty flexible, and

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I was on my way to my therapy appointment on Tuesday, running late as usual, and I thought, “I wonder if I was late to my own birth.” Note to self: ask Ma when her due date was, and if I was running late then as well. My book group selected Dead Souls by Nikolai

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Finished another excellent book

Today, I finished listening to the audio version of The book thief by Markus Zusak. I just wrote this in my “50 Book Challenge” list on LibraryThing: 30. The book thief – finished listening to it this afternoon, crying near the end, but not quite sobbing, as the boys had a couple of friends over,

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