Read-a-thon: We’ll see how it goes

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The day is finally here, Jeff and the boys are at basketball practice, but I didn’t make specific Read-a-thon plans or sign up early because I didn’t know if we’d have anything else going on.  But, we took yesterday off and did a day trip, so the rest of my weekend is pretty flexible, and I’m hoping to spend a good portion of the day reading.  My husband suggested I do most of my housecleaning today, then it will be out of the way and I can read even more tomorrow.  I said, “But the Read-a-thon is TODAY.”  And he was all, “It’s A read-a-thon, and there seems to always be one going on,” and I said, “No, it’s THE Read-a-thon, and it’s every six months, only twice a year.”  And I shook my head and told him he didn’t understand.  Nothing new there, I guess.

But, I finished my print book last night, and I’m not sure if I’d want to dig into a new book, or if I should “sample” as many of my unread books as possible, to see if they grab me enough that I want to continue to keep them around the house, or if they don’t, then I can weed them.  If I decide to do my housecleaning, though, I’ll start an audiobook — specifically, my third go-round with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  I’m going to lead the book group discussion in November, so need to “re-read” it in time to prepare.  So if I listen while cleaning, the time will count as reading, and there’s no need to plan or make any decisions, just get my mp3 player, get my cleaning supplies, and GO.  (Of course, I like the idea of reading “in print” when I’m the only one home and the house is quiet, which is NOW, through the next couple hours.)  I’ll decide after I finish breakfast and get this posted.

To sum up: I’m tossing my hat in the ring, but with lowered expectations.  If I don’t get much reading done, I will not be miserable about it.

I have to add, I loved this pre-Read-a-thon post from Alice at Reading Rambo, called “Why Readathons Never Actually Work for Me.”  The details are different, but the overall spirit is a lot like how my Read-a-thons usually end up.  Her post is also really funny; go read it!  And then, enjoy the rest of your Read-a-thon!  🙂

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  1. Trish

    LOL–sometimes it's good to have low expectations. I'll be lucky if I get to one book today.

    Hope you have a really great day–just added you to the list of participants so hope you have a rockin' day. 😉

    Rah Rah!

  2. Sarah @WordHits

    Good Luck w/the Readathon!! I like your idea of sampling books to see which you like. If you don't … do you toss or give away? I sometimes do. 😉 Then onto something I like better. Hoping you have lots of good reads … And not too much time housecleaning. 😉



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