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A good day at work

At work this afternoon, I had such a wonderful feeling: maybe for the first time, I could really feel how close we’re getting to the end of our backlog. I’ve been plodding through the collection for over five years now – and Becky’s been working on it even longer – and I can finally envision

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A video tribute to Papa

Jeff and I posted our first YouTube video last night. I did most of the prep work, loading and editing digital photos and scanning older pictures. Jeff selected the photos and arranged them, basically in chronological order, and chose the song that’s playing in the background, “I Find Your Love” by Beth Nielsen Chapman. I

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How long do you hope for a miracle?

That was a question I asked Jeff in the Intensive Care family waiting room on Friday, September 19, 2008. My father-in-law’s condition was not improving. He was on a ventilator, and hadn’t taken a breath on his own since about 6am that day, when he’d collapsed at home. His kidney had stopped working, his lungs

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