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Hastings book sales I couldn’t resist

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in two weeks. Time goes by too damn quickly! And, time is at a premium this week, as I’m off to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon for two days of work conferences. I’ll start packing after I finish this post … and after the furnace guy is done here at

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The book sale

The following paragraph is taken from the book Biblioholism: the Literary Addiction by Tom Raabe: The book world was also intense in those days [mid-1800s to early 1900s]. Fightsoccasionally broke out in bookstore aisles. When the English translation of The Devil on Two Sticks came out, the books were gobbled up insatiably, to the point

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“It’s Hot in Topeka”

The past several days have been hot, hot, hot. We took the boys swimming on Saturday, and Jeff and I both got a bit sunburned. I barely left the house on Sunday, and was only too glad to be in the AC at work yesterday. There was a heat advisory for all three days. Last

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