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What did I do in 2022? Mostly listened to audiobooks

The older I get, the more the days and weeks whiz by and I have almost nothing to show for it. I cannot believe I didn’t post again all year after sharing my initial thoughts about the war in Ukraine and the video from Tracy Chapman. (Coming up on the one-year mark from Putin’s invasion

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If I could have one superpower … (plus bookcase photos)

Many years ago, probably after a library sale or a buying spree at a used book store, I remember joking to a friend, “I’m buying books now to read in my retirement.” Ha ha ha. Little did I know! (Click each photo to zoom in.) There are probably thousands of quotes and memes that diehard

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Writing, or reading? Can I do both, maybe?

Here’s a three-minute overview of my past nine months of writing (or trying to write) fiction — specifically, a romance novel. First, start with the germ of an idea, and “pants” through several chapters. Realize there isn’t enough conflict, change some things, and start over with basically the same characters but different circumstances. Work on

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