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Touching base: writing update, audiobooks, and everyday stuff

Just checking in on my blog/website for a little while this evening — after months of neglect — and found this paragraph on the “About” page: Although the book I published is a poetry collection, I’ve turned my attention to fiction, and have spent much of 2015 working on my first novel — specifically, a

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In which I make excuses for my silence

I had a feeling I was overdue to write a blog post, and now I see, it’s even been a few days longer than I thought it had. And so, here’s some of what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks (or nearly that) since I last posted (and unfortunately not very much reading). As

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“Let’s have some cooperation here!”

When I was in the sixth or seventh grade, I found among our endless piles of paper an old newsletter from my preschool. There was a note about me in the newsletter, among the stories for parents about their children’s doings. I don’t remember the incident itself – I would have been four years old

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