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The chorus of the song “Why?” by Tracy Chapman touches on enough serious social issues that I find myself thinking of it on a regular basis, for several years now. Whenever some terrible thing happens that captures one or more news cycles, we never have to wait too long after that for another awful event

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Where have I been? What the heck have I been doing?

This is just a quick post to explain what I’ve been doing for the last six to eight months. This is a photo I took of my TV screen a week ago, of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, and her now-famous wall-size display that lists all the people (by position, not personal name) who

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People are People (Thoughts on Charlottesville)

From the moment I heard this morning that white supremacists carrying torches surrounded a church last night in Charlottesville, Virginia, I’ve been alternately watching the events unfold on TV, or checking Twitter or news sites to find out the latest developments. (Yes, even when I should have been doing other things, like at a write-in

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