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Belated post-Patty Griffin show post

FINALLY posting about the Patty Griffin concert that Jeff and I were lucky enough to attend exactly one week ago, in Lawrence, Kansas. Patty was amazing. Her voice in concert is fantastic, very much like what you hear on her CDs. The “second billed artist,” not really an opening act because he played most of

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A blah blah blog post

So I have a little bit of “home alone” time, and so many things that I could do, and a few that I probably should do, like walk on the treadmill (and that would also mean watching Lost from two nights ago, and it’s supposed to be an amazing episode, but yeah, I don’t think

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Rainy Friday

Here’s the video for the song “Rain” by Patty Griffin. It’s the opening track on her album A Thousand Kisses, and it’s incredible and simply beautiful. It was cloudy as we were driving to work this morning, and within ten minutes after Jeff dropped me off, the rain had started. It’s not too bad, but

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