Before and after: My DIY pandemic haircut

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One of the things I missed in 2020 was being able to get a haircut with some regularity. Checking my calendar, it’s possible I didn’t get any haircuts in 2020, as the last one I see is in November 2019. Throughout my adult life, there have been dozens of times when I didn’t make an appointment as promptly as I should have, and had to trim my own bangs. Continuing to trim them every couple of months during 2020 was familiar, no big deal. It was all the other hair growing down past my shoulders that bothered me as the year wore on–more time to wash it, more time to comb it, more of it dropping into the sink and onto the floor, and more of it flying in my face when I ventured outside on a windy day.

2021 was a new year, and COVID-19 vaccines were on the horizon. Maybe in the second half of 2021, we might be able to return to some level of normal activity–I felt hopeful! But whenever I looked in the mirror, my thick and heavy hair would drag me down, just a bit.

I finally started thinking, How difficult could it be?

Followed by: It wouldn’t need to be perfect. No one will be looking at me that closely, and I barely see anyone outside my family anyway.

Around the end of January, or very early February, I finally chopped it off. It felt wonderful, and so freeing!


Picture I took of myself with my hair hanging past my shoulders.

BEFORE: Taken Jan. 17. Can you tell by my expression that I’m sick of my hair?


Picture I took of myself after my haircut, with my hair about chin-length.

AFTER: Ahhh… this is MUCH better!

That was at least two and a half months ago, and my hair still feels pretty short. I’m getting my second vaccine shot in two days, so maybe I’ll try to get a haircut in my regular salon in early June (do I dare to hope?!?), at least to get all the jagged parts evened out, and get my bangs trimmed by a professional. Until then, my chop job will be good enough.

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