Mother’s Day blurb

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I’m calling it a “blurb” because I don’t have time to cover anything in a substantive way, but yikes it’s been four weeks since my last post, and I’m at the laptop, so I’m jotting down some notes before unpacking the dishwasher.

Two weeks ago, Easter Sunday, a nearby house was on fire. Five fire trucks and other emergency vehicles were on our block, and I think some of them were here close to three hours. Frightening day, and more excitement than you ever want to have. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The family wasn’t home, and a passer-by broke a window and rescued a small dog in his cage before the fire fighters arrived.

On that same “too much excitement” theme, only five days later, Jeff’s mom left our house after putting the boys on the school bus, and found her home had been burglarized sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. The front door was kicked in and broken, the place was ransacked, and essentially all the cash and change she had in the house was stolen. The burglars also found the key to the safe, got into that, and stole a container of sports trading cards that belonged to Jeff — most of his rare and valuable ones. Other than that, there didn’t seem to be things missing, just money. There have been other burglaries in the neighborhood in recent weeks, including another house on the same block about five days after my mother-in-law’s house was hit. I hope the police are putting the pieces of evidence together from these crimes, as it seems most or all of them have got to be related, but so far, we haven’t learned anything new.

The day-to-day has been kind of stressful — like I’ve been in a kind of rut — but also time has flown by. It seemed like April had just started, and suddenly it was over! When I’ve had time to read, my selections have been quite good, including The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors, and I definitely need to write a review of the latter, hopefully soon. I still have pages marked in there, and in the poetry collection A Village Life by Louise Gluck, which I read during the Read-A-Thon, with quotes and passages to include in reviews and/or post on my Tumblr page. I haven’t stopped reading, just haven’t had time to say anything about it!

I need to at least start unpacking the dishes before Jeff gets home with groceries — and then we’ll have to decide what we’re doing for dinner. I’ll post again on my next day off from work … which I’m thinking could be this coming week. 😉

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