Super-Short Read-a-Thon update

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It’s just past midnight here, and I just finished an awesome book, a novella by the late great Muriel Spark called The Driver’s Seat. This is maybe my fifth Spark book overall, and man, no one else writes like she did. Her imagination is sort of creepy and twisted, and the writing is so good, the story and characters so believable, no matter how unbelievable a premise might seem. This one blew me away.

OK,I’d better stop gushing and finish my update. 😉 I started the day with the book I’d already been reading, Sula by Toni Morrison. This was only my second book by her; I read The Bluest Eye as a teenager, and remember nothing about it, so either it just didn’t grab me, or I was really too young to read it. Sula is great, and also a little creepy in spots (is “creepy” my theme today? hmmm…), but the writing was excellent.

Alongside the Spark novella, the other book I started and finished today was a poetry collection by Louise Gluck (one of my favorite authors) called A Village Life. I have sticky notes on many pages, marking phrases or stanzas that I hope to share on my Tumblr page, and to help me out if I end up writing a review.

I’m not sure of my total time read; the day has been more scattered than I’d hoped it would be. But total pages read is almost 250. I also took a walk this morning, and listened to another 30-40 minutes of Pilgrim’s Progress. I told Jeff that I planned to stay up as late as I wanted to, reading. But, since I have to do a lot of housecleaning tomorrow (that didn’t get done today because of Read-a-Thon, or last evening because OTHER things got in the way), I think I’ll grab one of the novels for my Read 20 Pages Project, start reading that in bed with the book light, and see how much longer I last. Not quite done yet, but getting close, and that’s all right with me. 🙂

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