An apology of sorts

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On March 2, I started writing something that I expected would be a blog post. It’s now March 13, and that piece still isn’t done, and I’ve neglected to post anything else here in the interim. The conundrum is that I’ve really been wanting to do more writing, but no matter how many ideas I have, no matter if I’ve got something in progress (like that “maybe blog post”), and even if I have some extra time, as I do now when Jeff and Ryan are at baseball practice — whatever the circumstances, it seems that I can’t bring myself to get working, that I can’t focus on it.

So, it’s not officially a blogging hiatus, or at least it’s not intended to be; it’s just a bumpy stretch of road, where I might have the desire, or the time or opportunity, but never simultaneously. Right at this moment, what I want most is to take a nap! However, I have some coffee right here, so I’ll keep drinking that, then get away from the computer for now and do something else to wake me up. Hopefully I can recover my energy enough to do some more reading before Jeff and Ryan come home. I’ll be back when I can …

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