S.A.D. = Seasonal Affective Disaster

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Yes, late October this year is about the same as late October every other year, when I’m ready to sob nearly every day, and usually for reasons insignificant or unclear. Crying jag last Monday evening, crying jag again last night, angry and moody moments today. But this year is different because of Horner’s syndrome, and because I found out on Thursday that my case of Horner’s is probably caused by a dissection in my left internal carotid artery. I’ve started taking Coumadin, and I’m supposed to not do too much, and try to avoid stress. HA!

No time for more details now, just posting a picture and this blurb because my efforts the past several days to upload a short video that we made (about Horner’s syndrome) have failed again and again. My plan is to post the video on YouTube, then post it here on the blog with links to additional information, some of the more helpful pages I’ve found. Once that is finally done, hopefully we can do a few more videos as we learn more about this condition with my carotid artery, and look at treatment options.

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