Short birthday post: list of things to do

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I’m hoping that if I type out this list real quick, it will help me keep in mind what I’ve done today and what I still need to do. It’s my birthday, and I took the day off work, which is great, but instead of just a relaxing day doing only what I want to do, I had several items on my to-do list … plus the boys are home with me, and they’re being really good (for them!), but they still need breakfast, lunch, internet help, etc., and they periodically want to climb on me and keep me from doing the next thing on my to-do list.

OK, as far as the list…

Laundry is DONE, or at least as much as I needed to do is done, the rest can wait till later or tomorrow.
I checked with Grandma about her home insurance and what she changed to get her rate back down, and then called the insurance agent. STILL TO DO: Go to his office between 130pm and 2pm and sign the updated policy.
Sorted through some old paperwork, put a bunch in recycling box, and have a small stack to shred. STILL TO DO: More sorting and/or shredding, though this is not critical.
STILL TO DO: Some housecleaning, as we have a birthday party/wiffle ball “tournament” tomorrow afternoon and evening, and will have lots of boys over here. Whatever cleaning I can do today, won’t need to be done tomorrow morning (when I’m also getting a haircut).
STILL TO DO: Dub the family video from the camcorder over to DVD, and make sure camera is charged for tonight/tomorrow. AND, set DVD recorder for Friday Night Lights — it’s gonna be so great!!!

Maybe if I do this:
Clean first bathroom. Have lunch. Feed lunch to boys. Get myself ready to go out. Call Grandma about boys coming over. Bring boys with me to insurance agent’s office (between 130pm and 2pm — about two hours from now, give or take a few minutes), and sign paperwork. Then bring boys to Grandma’s house, and come back home alone to finish as many more tasks from my list as I can.

OK … on my mark, get set, GET GOING!

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