Post-pulled wisdom teeth post

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About ten hours ago, I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out. I don’t think I’d ever had any teeth extracted before — certainly none of my adult teeth, but I don’t remember having any baby teeth pulled, either. The first four or five hours were hard, my mouth and jaw and tongue too numb to talk clearly, and some soreness, and weird discomfort from the gauze in my mouth, I couldn’t close it. And the bleeding, I was a little concerned about that.

A couple hours ago, before we sat down to watch the Wednesday ABC comedies (rerun of The Middle, then season finales of The Middle and Modern Family), Jeff looked at me and said he was impressed. I asked why. He said he figured I’d be moaning half the day and zonked out the rest of the time. I did take a nap this afternoon (no surprise, between the pain medicine and the fact that I didn’t sleep great last night), but overall, I think I’ve done well. I’ve only had liquids and applesauce, and didn’t get seriously hungry till after 730pm. I hope I can lose a pound or two, after a couple days of forced dieting! But anyway, so far, so good, and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning, when I wake up and the pain medicine has worn off — yikes!

Hope to spend some quality time with my laptop tomorrow, so maybe more soon, if I feel up to it.

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