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This Saturday, December 5, is the annual Barnes & Noble book fair to raise money for my sons’ school district — specifically, their Visiting Author program, which pays for a published author to visit the school, talk with the kids, and read from their books. Meeting authors is a great way to help bring books “to life” for kids. Between 9am and 5pm at the Topeka Barnes & Noble, all you have to do when you’re making purchases is to tell the cashier that you want your purchases to support the Auburn-Washburn Visiting Author Book Fair.

But wait, there’s more!

If you can’t get to the store that day, or if you’d like to help my sons’ school district but aren’t even in Topeka … or, if you’re already planning to place an online order soon at, please check this out:

If you are unable to make it to the fair, you have the opportunity to order online and have the purchases count towards our district. From December 5th through 10th, go to, our book fair I.D. # is 487470. This is a great way to help our schools from your homes. Grandparents, friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone can participate!

That’s right: friends, relatives, and any book lover who happens to read this blog entry! Are you about to give in to your desire for an e-reader and order a nook from B&N? See if you can order it online through the book fair link! Have a discount coupon to use and only spending about $6.50? That’s fine too! (In fact, that might be what I’ll end up doing, since we need to economize.) Whether your order is one item, ten items, or one item that can “hold” many many more (that’s the nook again), if you shop with the book fair ID, you’ll make a wonderful and much-appreciated donation to the school district’s Visiting Author program, and help children to develop a love of reading.

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