The Great Kindle Giveaway, from Bibliofreak

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I’ve just subscribed to a new-to-me book blog called Bibliofreak, and was introduced to a jaw-droppingly amazing giveaway: Bibliofreak (J.T.) is giving away a Kindle II, and has plans to give away FOURTEEN MORE Kindles — my God, let me say that again — FOURTEEN MORE Kindles! The blog post states:
However, while I’ve fronted some money, I’m not rich. The first Kindle I’m paying for myself. The rest will be funded through my Amazon affiliation. For every $259 I make, I will offer up another Kindle.

I confess, I’m enamored of the Barnes & Noble Nook (and will probably be more so when I see one in the store … next week!), and am interested in Sony’s E-Readers, but one advantage of Amazon’s Kindles is that wireless access from almost anywhere — and I think it’s got some level of web access as well, though of course it’s no laptop — and I don’t think that’s true of the Nook. And since I can’t afford any of these marvelous reading devices any time in the near future (unemployed husband, discussion of furloughs for state employees like me, etc.), I would be STOKED to win a Kindle!

I get an extra entry for blogging about it, but now that you’ve heard about it, you can enter, too! Click the banner at the top of this post to go to Bibliofreakblog and find out how to enter. Good luck to you! And good luck to me, too!! 😉

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