Stormy Sunday

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Sunday afternoon. All week I’ve been looking forward to tonight, for the fifth and final installment of Little Dorrit on Masterpiece Classic. On Wednesday I was thinking, “Only four days till the end of Little Dorrit!” Yesterday morning on the way to Ryan’s (early!) baseball game, I said, “Less than 36 hours till the end of Little Dorrit!” And now it’s only about seven hours away, and part of me is SO HAPPY, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

But, for the next SIX hours, northeast Kansas is in a tornado watch. We’ve had some rain and storms today, a bit of hail, but are sort of in a lull until the next round. Jeff and Grandma just went out to the store with the boys, and I’m going to clean the second bathroom so that will be DONE. Before they left, Jeff said, “Don’t spend the whole time watching the weather.” We’re very lucky to have a TV station in town that has a live online chat, and sometimes live streaming video, during outbreaks of severe weather. They’re at I just heard them say that Topeka will probably get its next round of storms after 4pm — more than 2 1/2 hours away, a good sized break for us. Storms after 4pm, Masterpiece at 8pm — if the weather is clear and we have power! But now I must close and get back to cleaning. Crossing my fingers we don’t get totally clobbered with wild weather. Hope where you are is safe. 🙂

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