What was I supposed to be doing again?

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So it’s just after 6pm, and I ate my sandwich up here at the computer, skimming through some discussions on LibraryThing, and then I thought I’d write a new blog – a short one, with a picture. I was looking online for a new photo or wallpaper for my desktop at work, and I tried to find one of those “reading woman” kind of photos. I accidentally tripped the “KDOT won’t let you look at that website” switch – and it was an old painting, I think Monet? – and the site name looked totally innocent – so I took a break from that. Then I realized I could find one on Flickr – which I KNOW is allowed! – and use it for my background. Yay!

So I found one, and have had it on my screen two or three weeks, and it’s just beautiful. Tonight, after I finished my sandwich and navigated away from LT, I thought I’d post the photo in here, with just a short note about how I found it. And I DID post it, but as I was about to start writing, I thought, “I wonder if I’m allowed to post this picture?” Well, darn it: sure enough, the note “All Rights Reserved” is included on the photo’s Flickr page. And I don’t blame the woman who posted it at all, it’s an amazing photo, and smart of her to reserve all the rights.

Being easily sidetracked, I went to the Help pages to see what they had to say about copyright matters, and found a lively discussion in the forums, and after 10 or 12 minutes, I was completely sure I couldn’t post the photo, but I couldn’t even think what else I SHOULD be doing with some precious time alone – Jeff and Ryan at Ryan’s baseball practice, and Kyle at Grandma’s, and me … me browsing on the computer after eating my sandwich, wondering if the ant trap Jeff set out in the kitchen has had any time to start working yet. Jeff and Ryan will get home, and Jeff will be like, “So what have you been up to?” I’ll draw a blank, and say, “I was on the computer … and I read about copyright on Flickr … and then I don’t know what else I did … and then I killed some more ants.” Not impressive, I know this. I don’t know if I’ve always been this scatter-brained. For quite a while, yes, I have been, but ALWAYS? I don’t think so. Can I blame all the technology I interact with daily, or the speed of the world in general these days, or my medications? How about “All of the above, and even more!!!”?

Maybe I’ll change into exercise clothes and watch part two of Oliver Twist from Masterpiece a couple weeks back, while I walk on the treadmill. (It’s WARM outside, but almost dark now.) But before I leave you, here’s the beautiful photo from Flickr. The heading says, “Do you ever read the books you burn?” and there’s a quote from Fahrenheit 451 under the photo.

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