Christmas comedy: “The 12 Pains of Christmas”

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Now I’m at the extreme opposite end of the holiday music spectrum. I searched YouTube for the video for “The 12 Pains of Christmas” by Bob Rivers Comedy Corp., which has been one of my favorites since the very first time I heard it – I was about 15. I think I found the “official” music video from the mid-80s, but there are a bunch more made by “12 Pains” devotees that are also worth a look. I found this one yesterday, with all the parts played by one guy, and in most of them he’s lip-syncing the words too, not just doing the actions. I thought to myself, “Now THIS is a true ’12 Pains of Christmas’ lover.” Of the several versions I watched, this one made me laugh the hardest. Happy Holidays to all, and don’t take a sip of your beverage until this song is over because it might end up all over your keyboard.

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