A video tribute to Papa

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Jeff and I posted our first YouTube video last night. I did most of the prep work, loading and editing digital photos and scanning older pictures. Jeff selected the photos and arranged them, basically in chronological order, and chose the song that’s playing in the background, “I Find Your Love” by Beth Nielsen Chapman. I called the video “If He was Your PaPa,” not knowing that Jeff had used “If He was Your Dad” in the video’s title screen. Ah well, no big deal. After we posted it, we watched it with Sue, Kyle, and Ryan, and we all cried – even Jeff, a little bit. We’ve been able to take some extra time, the past few days, to remember Papa, to grieve his absence, to appreciate the love he gave to all of us.

At church last night, the minister talked about waiting, and his message was that we’re all essentially waiting for heaven. There’s some truth in that for us, that we’re waiting to see Papa again, and I’m waiting to see my own father. Waiting is longing, and sadness, but also expectation, hope, and faith.

Someday soon, we all will be together, if the Fates allow.
Until then, we’ll have to muddle through, somehow.

We wish you happy memories, both old and new, this Christmas. May peace be with you.

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