Morning conversation

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Me: “Another fun breakfast at home.”

Jeff: “For you?”

Me: “No, for the boys. I like eating at home.”

Jeff: “Oh yes, another breakfast, with three nutritious servings of Yelling and Screaming. And Fit-Throwing.”

Me: “And Bitching and Complaining.”

Sigh. It was so much easier when the boys were eating most breakfasts at school. But Ryan says he doesn’t like eating there, so now they’re back to eating at home most mornings. But it seems that Ryan just doesn’t like to eat, period, a lot of the time, whether at school or at home, so his breakfast at home is accompanied by almost constant badgering from Jeff, me, and often Grandma: “You have to eat! That’s not enough, eat more! What a waste!” Etc., etc., etc. Kyle isn’t as bad about it, but he often needs reminding, too: “It’s getting late, finish your cereal!” Etc., etc. Oh, morning time. Sigh.

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