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It’s Monday evening. I started reading The glass castle by Jeannette Walls last Thursday evening, and was immediately hooked. I spent as much time reading over the weekend as I could, and finished the book today at the end of my lunch break. For about the last half hour, I’ve been reading a few websites about the book and author, including a really long interview. (Great interview, but several typos in it!) As I noted in my short post on LibraryThing (in my list of books I’m reading this year – message 36), I hardly know where to begin. I just want to tell everyone, “You’ve GOT to read this book!”

There’s a short video of Jeannette Walls and her mom (and some of her mom’s artwork) on the Simon & Schuster website. Yep, some of her mom’s artwork – but it really is quite good.

I’ve spent too much time alone this evening and must check in with Jeff and the kids, but one last book note: my copy of The glass castle still had the receipt in it. I bought it at Hastings on October 21, 2006, along with Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro, and Wickett’s Remedy by Myla Goldberg (buy two, get one free). Having now read all three books, I’ve gotta say, what an excellent book day it turned out to be.

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