Update on Ma, June 11th

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I talked to Linda, my mom’s hospice nurse, about an hour ago. No major changes, but still a bit to report.

  • She’s eating better than when I visited, but not as well as a couple weeks back – “about 30%” of the food she’s given.
  • She has gained one pound, so her weight is an even 100.
  • A sore area that’s been on her right big toe since I was there weeks ago, became infected late last week. She’s on an antibiotic for that, and so far, no troublesome side effects from that medicine.
  • She’s taking her meds fairly well, but has still been weepy and upset.
  • One reason she’s been weepy and upset: my brother was supposed to visit her last Friday, and never did. Jerilyn, the hospice social worker, had called him to say she hoped to meet him that day, and Linda said Jerilyn was there from noon to 5pm on Friday so she could meet him and discuss Ma’s condition. Needless to say, Ma was very disappointed.
  • Ma continues to sleep a lot of the time. I don’t blame her one bit.

I need to call my grandmother soon – today or this evening – to chat about my mom, and find out how she’s been doing as well. And, I can find out if she’s talked with my brother at all in the last two weeks or so. Argh. Argh argh.

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