Up too late, and tired

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Today was such a good day up until the past hour or so, I feel bad posting at all when I feel so sour. I think maybe I’m just not good at networking. I did have a good talk near the end with Sandy from Louisiana, but aside from that, I wish I’d left the open house by 915pm, come back here to my hotel room, and stretched out on the comfy chair with my feet up on the ottoman and an open book in my hands. The session I’d planned to go to from 8 to 9am doesn’t sound too compelling, so I might just sleep in, and go to the afternoon sessions instead – or just show up late to the 8am. Except for the 7am meeting when I’d made a wrong turn leaving the hotel, I think I’ve gotten to everything else within five minutes of the start. Lots of people come and go, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’m worn out, and tired, and my feet hurt, and I can’t wait to go to bed.

On a brighter note: Elliott Bay Books was wonderful. I bought three books, two used and one bargain. I’ll see the public library tomorrow, and will go home happy.

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