I really *do* have a sense of humor

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Lest any casual readers get the impression that I take myself, and life in general, too seriously (and I confess that sometimes this is true), I have to share something that had me laughing quite a bit.

A couple weeks ago, we got some junk mail from Geico. (We don’t have Geico insurance.) On the outside of the envelope was the note, “Important information about your RV.” (Nope, we definitely don’t have an RV.) The letter inside begins with this:

You live an active lifestyle. You’re young at heart. And odds are, most of the great things you’ve experienced happened while traveling with your RV.

The greeting on this letter? “Dear William Burke.” Yes, the mail was addressed to my dad, who has been dead for three years, and never had an RV, or a car, or even a driver’s license, in all his life. (And he never lived at our address, you’d think we wouldn’t STILL be getting his mail, but we do!) Quick, read it again, with feeling, and a smile of contentment:

You live an active lifestyle. You’re young at heart.

Yes, I’m sure my dad is living an active lifestyle. God, I can’t even type it without laughing! But the best part is, my dad himself would get a hearty laugh out of this. I said soon after he died, when trying to write his obituary, there was nothing he liked better than a good laugh, except maybe a good meal. Have a chuckle and a second helping today, in honor of my dad. 🙂

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