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In the interest of providing a quick update on what’s been going on with our family this past month or so, I’m re-posting a couple of blogs that I first posted on MySpace. This is a short one, posted on April 21, 2008.

Jeff is driving the boys to school, and I may have five or ten minutes to write – incredible. It is nearly 830 am, and we have a memorial service to go to that starts at 10 am. One of Jeff’s close friends (also named Jeff), whom he met around 1990, passed away last Wednesday 4/16. He had a seizure, found to be caused by a brain aneurysm, and had surgery on about 4/7. He began to recover, but developed meningitis, and the following Sunday 4/13, we learned he was suffering strokes. On Tuesday or Wednesday, they removed life support. Jeff W. was my age, 36 years old, his birthday a few weeks after mine. His wife is 34, and they have a daughter and son. It baffles my mind, and I feel terribly for them. What is to be done? What can be done?

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